Update, May 2020

Really grateful for all the good reviews and radio play of the Downhill Uplift album lately. Folk Radio UK said this:

«Downhill Uplift is the sort of album that will sound different every time you listen to it, and while it takes inspiration from a cluster of well-worn genres, the way those genres are meshed together seems entirely novel. Like many great albums of its type, it seems to come from a strange, unearthly place.»

Full review here: https://www.folkradio.co.uk/2020/03/stein-urheim-downhill-uplift/

Also great feedback from Belgian Dark Entries, German Kultkomplot, Musik an sich, Nightstylez, Nordische musik, Canadian Textura, Norwegian Bergens Tidende and Jazznytt, Italian Sound Contest and Esoteros, Polish Rock Obroje, and French Citizen Jazz.

Everyone – take care – be safe and well out there in these strange times!