Review: Laif (Poland)


It will not be a musical tale with the scenery set in the American wilderness. The album was recorded in Norway and what is more, at home of the famous violinist Ole Bull. It is said that this place has a fantastic acoustics, and you can hear it very well on the album. The music is definitely ruled by the acoustic guitar. The extraordinary imagination and skills of the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist allow him to enjoy (use) a variety of instruments from around the world. Urheim invited Jørgen Træen who plays the modular synthesizer. Great synth arrangements perfectly match with the acoustic guitar, and what is more you can feel the specific Norwegian humour and elements of jazz and blues. The Norwegian musician refers to the desert sounds of Africa, and thanks to the sounds of the Chinese Guqin instrument the listener is closer to Asia. The album “Stein Urheim” perfectly illustrates how the musician should refer to tradition in order to create a unique and modern work. (Łukasz Komła, Polish magazine “LAIF”)