New album Be Here Whenever – available now on Jazzland Recordings/OK World!

“Be Here Whenever is a perfect circle of nine creations by Danielle de Gruttola (Cello), Henry Kaiser (Guitar), Benedicte Maurseth (Hardanger Fiddle) and Stein Urheim (Guitar). It is music filled with the intense mindfulness that comes when one is confronted by nature at its most awe-inspiring, those places where one becomes acutely aware of how small they are within this world, never mind the cosmos beyond its thin atmosphere. ” – Jazzland Recordings

The album was recorded in Oakland, CA in October 2019.


Available on CD and digital:

Concerts – summer, fall 2020

9th of August: Krympende Klode (w/Jørgen Træen and Ana Jorge) in Haugesund Billedgalleri, Sildajazz


16th of August: Erlend Apneseths Fragmentarium ensemble at Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo, Oslo Jazz Festival

Fragmentarium will also do a concert 25th of September at Musikk i sentrum in Tønsberg, NO


Hildo will do a concert at Musikk i sentrum in Tønsberg as well the 23th of September,

and be on tour in the west coast of Norway in November (TBA)


Voices, Strings & Timpani will be on tour in Norway this fall releasing a new album:

18th of nov: Voss Jazzklubb
19th of nov: Bergen Jazzforum
20th of nov: Dokkhuset, Trondheim
21st of nov: Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo
Will also play a duo concert with Strings & Timpani´s drummer Øyvind Hegg-Lunde at Nobel Bopel, Bergen the 23rd of October.

Update, May 2020

Really grateful for all the good reviews and radio play of the Downhill Uplift album lately. Folk Radio UK said this:

«Downhill Uplift is the sort of album that will sound different every time you listen to it, and while it takes inspiration from a cluster of well-worn genres, the way those genres are meshed together seems entirely novel. Like many great albums of its type, it seems to come from a strange, unearthly place.»

Full review here:

Also great feedback from Belgian Dark Entries, German Kultkomplot, Musik an sich, Nightstylez, Nordische musik, Canadian Textura, Norwegian Bergens Tidende and Jazznytt, Italian Sound Contest and Esoteros, Polish Rock Obroje, and French Citizen Jazz.

Everyone – take care – be safe and well out there in these strange times!

Concerts, spring 2020:

This upcoming February (11th-16th), I will be on tour with Erlend Apneseth´s Fragmentarium in the western part of Norway. The music was originally a commission piece for last year´s Kongsberg Jazzfestival. We will play 6 concerts as part of Vestnorsk Jazzforum/Stamvegen.
Tour schedule:
The Fragmentarium album will be released on Hubro Music soon.
More info here:

The ensemble will also play at Oslo Jazzfestival in August.

In March, Jørgen Træen and myself will present new music under the name Krympende Klode as part of the Borealis Festival in Bergen on the 5th of March

Hildo will also continue touring in March with 5 concerts, both in western Norway and Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo. Info:

In May I will play a solo concert as part of the Nutshell concert series at Nattjazz, Bergen.
Info: TBA

New album

Downhill Uplift is available now both as vinyl/CD from Hubro ( ) and on digital platforms.

Really glad to see that the songs are already appearing on a number of radio playlists around Europe this month – and last week the British magazine Freq gave it a mighty fine review:

«… This is a real unexpected pleasure of an album that is filled with surprises and fluid, harmonious musicality. Downhill Uplift isn’t a Western album as such, but it is hard to categorise it all. Just allow its subtle charms and melting pot of ideas to befriend you.» ( )

+ very positive reviews so far from BA, Dagsavisen and Italian magazines Rockerilla and Music Map.

Reviews and top 2019 list

Happy new year!

Really good reviews for Simple Pieces & Paper Cut-Outs this fall/winter, lots of radio play,

and last month it even made it to Textura´s top 3 general-list!

Here´s what they wrote:


“03. Stein Urheim: Simple Pieces & Paper Cut-Outs (Hubro)

Experiencing Stein Urheim’s unadorned guitar artistry is a treat all by itself, but Hubro has outdone itself in supplementing the vinyl release with a forty-page score and tablature. Presented in glorious detail, the booklet enables aspiring musos to play the tunes with the record or for non-guitarists to follow along and gain an enhanced appreciation for his fingerpicking. The thirteen tunes are short, but they’re packed with detail and inspiring touches that speak to Urheim’s command of his instrument, for this recording a hand-made acoustic built after a model of the Selmer jazz guitars from the ‘30s”


Here´s what Dusted Magazine wrote:

“John Fahey barely made it into the 21 st century, but his influence looms as large as ever. Stein Urheim, a guitarist from Bergen, Norway, is merely the latest to commit his confrontation with Fahey’s legacy to wax. He tips his hat to  The Yellow Princess and other recordings of that vintage in this album’s accompanying book of tablature, but even if he hadn’t put it down in writing, you could hear it in his playing. Urhein is no rooky. He’s been recording with various bands since around 2004, working with singers and playing jazz, but this is the first time he’s anything quite like this. Urheim seems to be drawn to Fahey’s most virtuosic and lyrical work, and he has the chops to back it up, but also the performative confidence to let the music develop in its own time rather than chase after it. One has to put a bit of yourself into the music if you want to transcend the “sounds like Fahey” blanket that covers so many American Primitive guitar LPs. Urheim gets this, and he doesn’t take the easy way out by, say, applying his bluesy, acoustic picking to rustic themes or folkloric sources. Nor does he go for Fahey-esque textual obfuscation or faux-mythologizing. Instead he incorporates some samba gestures into the tunes, keeps them pithy and presses them on vinyl (by no means an assured thing on Hubro, which usually markets music via CDs and the internet). The album title proclaims this music’s simplicity, but Urheim’s is not simplistic so much as clear.”


The album made it to “The Best of Bandcamp” for September:

“Guitarist Stein Urheim’s kaleidoscopic display of harmonics is about as riveting a work of art as anything else you may encounter. On his solo projects, like his excellent 2014 self-titled release and the equally lovely 2016 release Strandebarm, he employs an electric array of instruments, including the slide tamboura, fretless bouzouki, Turkish tanbur, mandolin, and others. His newest recording is held in stark contrast in its complexity, and that speaks to the heart of the commission that drove it. A solo acoustic guitar with no overdubs is an open window into the soul of a Stein Urheim melody. It is meant to reflect an element of communal living, represented by both the intimacy of the music. In that same spirit: music charts accompany the limited-edition LP version of the recording, so that others might play along.”

Also really positive reviews from magazines and papers like Rockerilla, Rock Obrobje, Vårt Land, Westzeit, Radioaktiv, Silence & Sound, The New Noise, Trust, Bad Alchemy, Hörerlebnis and Nowa Musyka. – Thank you!



Concerts – Hubro 10 years!

Will play two solo concerts in November celebrating both Hubro´s 10 year anniversary and also the album-release of Simple Pieces & Paper Cut-Outs:


– Saturday 23rd of November at Blå, Oslo, opening for Erlend Apneseth Trio with Frode Haltli

– Sunday 24th of November at Landmark, Bergen, opening for Skarbø Skulekorps


Check out the new album here:

Also a score with tablature with beautiful design by Yokoland available in limited edition from Hubro Music.


Currently on tour with Hildo and Blått Svev (both have new albums out) this fall and spring 2020.


– Had a good time travelling and doing concerts and festivals in the Milan area and Edinburgh last year. Thank you very much for having me and my music.

– I did two new recordings of solo material in the fall of 2018, written in Berlin during the summer. The first one for solo acoustic guitar `Simple Pieces & Paper Cut-Outs´, is just finished and will be released this spring as both an album and as a 40-page score on Hubro. The second was recorded in Oslo in December and will be mixed this spring. It is a collaboration with great musicians Ole Morten Vågan on upright bass, Kåre Opheim on drums and percussion and Hans Hulbækmo on drums, percussion, vibraphone and flutes.

– We just recorded the project `Hildo´, commission for Rikscenen and last year´s Vossajazz with Tore Brunborg and Berit Opheim, and we will be touring Norway in February and in the fall. Here´s a link to the first part of the tour:

– I´m also looking forward to new collaborations with Erlend Apneseth this year, both theater music at Riksscenen,, a new recording in April featuring the great trio Moskus, and a commission piece for Kongsberg Jazz Festival in July.

– Frode Haltli has asked me to step in as a guest musician at his commission to Vossajazz 2019,, and at Jazzahead in Bremen in April, looking very much forward to that too.

– Excited to play at this upcoming event of free improv at Bergen Kjøtt in February with the lineup of Jon Irabagon, Per Jørgensen, John Hegre, Nils Drønen and myself:


Solo concert at Suoni Mobili Festival, Italy in August

– Friday 3rd of August 2018 in Merate Circolo Tennis Roveda, Milan, Italy
– Saturday 4th of August 2018 at Lecco Piazza Garibaldi, Lecco/Milan, Italy



  • New art & music performance coming up: 13th of September – with Mari Kvien Brunvoll at Montag/UIB, Bergen, NO
  • Opening art exhibition with Ole Ludvig Krüger 2nd of October at Fana Kulturhus, NO

Pictures from the Cosmolodic tour + a few more concerts

Check out pictures from the concert at Bergen Kjøtt here:


Slået op af Vossa Jazz3. februar 2018

and here:

Slået op af Bergen Kjøtt4. februar 2018

Slået op af Bergen Kjøtt4. februar 2018

Will play a duo-concert with Mari Kvien Brunvoll at Victoria Nasjonale Jazzscene next saturday:


Also, check out the new project Hildo, ready for Vossajazz and Riksscenen, Oslo, here:

and here:

Cosmolodic Orchestra Tour 2018

Per Jørgensen – trompet, vokal
Kjetil Møster – saxofoner, bassklarinett, elektronikk
Mari Kvien Brunvoll – vokal, elektronikk
Ole Morten Vågan – kontrabass
Kåre Opheim – trommer, perkusjon
Stein Urheim – gitarer, elektronikk, vokal

– Fredag 26. januar – Vaksdal Musikklubb, Vaksdal konsertstart 21:00

– Lørdag 27. januar – Dokkhuset, Trondheim konsertstart 20:00

– Mandag 29. januar – Lyd – Haugesund Billedgalleri, Haugesund, konsertstart 20:00

– Fredag 2. februar – Nasjonal Jazzscene – Oslo konsertstart 21:00

– Lørdag 3. februar – Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen konsertstart 20:30

– Søndag 4. februar – Kabuso, Øystese, Hardanger konsertstart 18:00


Nytt album – Utopian Tales ute nå:

“….både Vossa Jazz-konserten og de studioinnspilte låtene virker å vokse fra samme rot der det strekker seg mot lytteren med atskillig mer livsbejaende utopi enn mørk dystopi i stemningsmangfoldet av klangskyer, sarte melodier og nikkene mot den elektriske Miles…..
Utopian Tales er et bemerkelsesverdig album, med løftekraft av sjelden styrke.” – Terje Mosnes

“A magical realm” – Mojo Magazine

«Utopian Tales offers the listener a series of heady out-of-body experiences
without the need to spend hours in a floatation tank.» – Record Collector

Concerts – Utopian Tales and more

  • 7th of October 2017 – Solo concert at Kunstnernes Hus as a part of a label night with Hubro, Sofa and 3db, Oslo, NO


Cosmolodic Orchestra Tour 2018:

– Fredag 26. januar – Vaksdal Musikklubb, Vaksdal

– Lørdag 27. januar – Dokkuset, Trondheim

– Mandag 29. januar – Musikklubben i Haugesund

– Fredag 2. februar – Nasjonal Jazzscene – Oslo

– Lørdag 3. februar – Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen

– Søndag 4. februar – Kabuso, Øystese, Hardanger


  • 28. of October 2017 – Duo Concert w/Jørgen Træen at art gallery Rom For, Haugesund


Mini solo-concert at art gallery Langegården

Tomorrow, the 4th of February, I will be opening Ida Helland-Hansens excellent, brand new exhibition Feltarbeid at art Gallery Langegården with a mini concert, presenting solo material from earlier recordings as well as the upcoming release.

The concert starts at 1pm, and will be performed on an acoustic guitar with special artwork made by Ida.

A little update for 2016/2017

Since it´s been a while, here comes a little update on some of the things that happened last fall:

– A few fine solo-concerts:

at the Peace Academy in Jondal last August,
and at a Japanese no nukes arrangement at Litteraturhuset (House of Literature), Bergen

– Quite a few jazz-gigs with trio (Gateway-tribute with drummer Frank Jacobsen and double bass-player Alex Grieg) and quintet (with Helen Eriksen and others) at local jazz clubs in and around Bergen

– 3 weeks of school concert tour with trumpeter and singer Per Jørgensen and Frank Jacobsen

– Noise/experimental-duo-concert with sound wizard Jørgen Træen on modular synthesizer
(with an intense second set by Lasse Marhaug)
at Action Jazz Christmas special-concert at Bergen Kjøtt

– Great duo-concert with Mari Kvien Brunvoll at VOLT art arrangement at Landmark in December

– The Strandebarm album featured on the Quietus best of 2016 album-list.
Lots of really good reviews in other forums as well (check out the press-page)

– Been working a lot in the studio to record and mix material for a new album, based on last year´s commission work for the Voss Jazz festival


– Just been to the studio with Erlend Apneseth and band, performing Nattsongar, a commission for last year´s Førde folk festival, due to release this upcoming spring

We´re playing 6 concerts with the ensemble in April/May:

5.4 Fryd Scene, Ål
6.4 Riksscenen, Oslo
8.5 Ni Muser, Trondheim
9.5 Galleri Fenka, Levanger
10.5 Vårt Hjem, Steinkjer
11.5 Kulturhuset, Namsos


– Quite a few local jazz club-gigs coming up, tribute to Ornette Coleman, groups with saxophonists Helen Eriksen and Kjetil Møster and others,
And more school concerts with Per Jørgensen and Frank Jacobsen

– Will work on and finish the new album for the Hubro-label in the next few weeks
(more updates on live events and album releases later)

Wishing everyone a decent and meaningful new year!


Really good reviews on both commissioned work and the new solo album:

Voss concert:

New album:



Concerts, spring 2016

8th of February: Green Hours Jazzfest, duo w/Mari Kvien Brunvoll, Bucuresti, Romania

20th of March: Commisioned work, Vossajazz, Voss, Norway

14th of May: Release concert, new solo album, the old store at Fosse, Strandebarm, NO

22nd of May: Release concert, Utmark, double concert w/Sir Richard Bishop, Landmark, Bergen, NO

26th of May: Guest musician, commissioned work, Strings & Timpani, Nattjazz, Bergen, NO

5th of June: Guest musician, release concert, Meelodi, Bergen Music Festival, Bergen, NO

9th of July: Guest musician, commissioned work, Erlend Apneseth, Førdefestivalen, NO


Duo concerts with Mari Kvien Brunvoll, summer/fall 2015

11th of August: Oslo Jazzfestival, releaseparty, St. Edmunds Church, NO

28th of August: In-store concert at Robot, Bergen, NO

14th of October: Liesches Keller, Berlin, Germany

16th of October: Jazzhouse Wochenende, Hamburg, Germany

29th of October: Bergen International Music Festival, releaseparty, Bergen, NO

September 2014 mini tour, Norway:

– Sunday 21st: Handelslaget, Fosse, Strandebarm
– Thursday 25th: Tre brør Café, Voss
– Friday 26t: Club Bele, Balestrand
– Saturday 27th: Drøs Café, Ulvik
– Sunday 28th: Logen Bar, Bergen (double concert w/ Leiv Reed)

Reviews/Video page/Concerts

Really good reviews on the new album! Check out the Press-page.

Album of the month in Canadian magazine Textura.

Videos from the concert at Bergen Jazzforum available at the brand new Video-page.

More gigs coming up:

-Friday 23rd of May: mini-concert at the opening of the art exhibition BÅRD BREIVIK. HISTORY – Tårnsalen/KODE 4, Bergen, NO

-Friday 26t of September: Club Bele jazz club, Balestrand, NO

-Saturday 27th of September: Drøs Kafé, Ulvik, NO

More concert dates TBA soon

Updated concert list

March 6st: Release in Oslo at Riksscenen, NO
March 8th: Nesodden Jazzklubb, Vanntårnet, Nesodden, NO
March 12th: Moskus, Trondheim, NO
March 14th: Bergen Jazzforum, Verftet, Bergen, NO
May 9th: Alumnusdagane 2014, Universitetet, Bergen, NO

Concerts 2014

January 31st: Pre-release for the new album, After office-concert at Borealis office, Vertfet, Bergen
March 6st: Release in Oslo at Riksscenen
March 7th: Mini-concert at Big Dipper vinyl store, Oslo
March 8th: Nesodden Jazzklubb, Vanntårnet, Nesodden
March 14th: Bergen Jazzforum, Verftet, Bergen
More dates will be announced soon.