Photo by Jonas Boström

The Bergen-based guitarist Stein Urheim´s name has appeared in an increasing number of contexts in recent years. In 2009 he released his debut album Three Sets of Music and the following year he received the Vossajazz festival-Award.


He has toured and released 3 critically acclaimed duo albums with singer Mari Kvien Brunvoll, Daydream Communtiy (2011), Daydream Twin (2013) and For Individuals Facing The Terror Of Cosmic Loneliness (2015), on the Jazzland label. He was a member of Gabriel Fliflet´s Åresong band (2010-2011), and participated on The Last Hurrah´s debut album (2011) on Rune Grammofon. He also wrote for, arranged and played on 3 albums by the Bergen-based rock band Steady Steele (2002-2006), as well as numerous other bands and music projects, including Tom Sawyer & The Huckleberry Finns (2004-2007), Bearfarm (2006-2012), Thea Hjelmeland´s Solar Plexus (2014) and Erlend Apneseth´s Nattsongar (2017).

He has released 4 albums for the label Hubro under his own name:

Kosmolodi (2012), Stein Urheim (2014),  Strandebarm (2016) and Utopian Tales (2017).

Photos by Benedicte Maurseth


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